Ethically Handcrafted Jewelry

Ethically Handcrafted Jewelry by PURPOSE JewelryChevron Necklace || Signature Bracelet 

I’m always on the lookout for accessories, which I find is the best way of keeping up to date with the latest trends! Jewelry has always been my go-to for turning a simple look into one that is more stylish. I’ve recently found myself falling for some ethically handcrafted jewelry, and have added it to my must-shop list. My latest discovery is PURPOSE Handcrafted Jewelry. I choose to support PURPOSE Jewelry because they donate 100% of their proceeds to International Sanctuary, a non-profit organization that provides holistic care to women and girls around the world through education, medical care, job training and scholarships. Basically, with every purchase, you provide a dignified living and a better life to someone around the world.

PURPOSE Handcrafted Jewelry

PURPOSE Jewelry – Ethically Handcrafted Jewelry

The line offers an array of handmade jewelry for men and women from earrings, necklaces, bracelets to rings. I love that their jewelry is modern, fashionable and chic. I usually like dainty jewels, so I fancy their “Signature” collection. When I am in the mood for a statement piece, I usually go with a statement necklace. Purpose’s Chevron Necklace was exactly what I was looking for.

It’s probably too early to start thinking about Mother’s or Father’s Day, but if you’re like me and are already thinking of those holidays, don’t forget to head over to PURPOSE Jewelry to shop for your loved ones.

Are you a socially or ethically conscientious buyer? What are your favorite brands?

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