Dr.’s Remedy Vegan Nail Polish Review

Dr.'s Remedy Vegan Nail Colors

Now that it’s officially summer, it’s time to show off those pretty fingers and toes with some fun vegan nail polish. I am no nail guru, but I think I can spot an unhealthy looking nail here and there. Whether you have unhealthy or healthy nail beds you might want to check out Dr.’s Remedy’s nail polish sets. Dr’s Remedy is a vegan-friendly New York City based company founded by two podiatric surgeons.

The doctors created the nail polish line after years of seeing patients with brittle and discolored nails, due to anything from harsh chemicals found in nail polishes to cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Remedy nails consist of nail care items to improve the appearance of your nails and cuticles. All of the shades have a mixture of organic ingredients like wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, and lavender to hydrate your brittle nails. I’m always up for beautiful looking nails, here are a couple of Dr.’s Remedy vegan nail polishes I’ve tried:‎

BOUNTIFUL Blue Vegan Nail Polish

I absolutely adore this blue metallic nail polish. It dries fast and after the first coat you can get full coverage which I really like. This can easily be mixed with any metallic nail polish, in any other color, to create bold nail art!

PROMISING Pink Vegan Nail Polish

If you like a classic soft pink shade that goes with everything, this one is for you. It’s the perfect natural nail color for any skin stone! The texture is quite rich, but it’s a bit on the creamy side, so it takes a bit of time to dry. Well worth the wait.

I like how Dr.’s Remedy nail gave the shades such inspiring monikers. I also loved the packaging. I found the design quite modern, and the cap’s construction made it easy to hold and paint. Those two are definitely going to make appearances all year! So go ahead and explore your own Dr.’s Remedy vegan nail shade and share your favorite polish with me.

Which one of these nail colors do you like‎?

Dr.s Remedy Vegan Nail Polish

Vegan Nail Polish designs

vegan polish nail art

Vegan Nail Polish

dr. remedy BOUNTIFUL Blue metallic nail polish

dr. remedy promising pink natural nail polish colors


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  1. July 19, 2016 / 3:53 pm

    It looks really a very great product, I love the colors too 🙂

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